Hi guys! Sorry I am away the next 2 lessons but never fear for I have created this virtual lesson for you!!


Over the next 2 lessons you need to use this website to work on your assignment. I have provided instructions, pictures and links to help you complete your task.

What are QR Codes?

You have probably seen these around quite a bit recently. They are on water bottles, shop windows, food packets, coffee shops, people have even started using them on business cards and wearing them on T-shirts!

QR Codes are a code that can be read by a smartphone with a scanning app. The app scans the code (like how barcodes are scanned in the supermarket) and then automatically directs the phone to go to a particular website where you can find more information about something.

The above image is an artwork I created using QR Codes. It is of a friend who is a musician. If you scan the top right code it will take you to her website.

In the next few lessons you are going to learn more about QR Codes, why we use them, how they work and why/how we can use them in the visual arts.

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