Before we make our artwork let's learn a bit more about QR Codes, why we use them, how they work and why/how we can use them in the visual arts.

Use the internet to find answers to the following questions. You may handwrite them in your book or type them up. Use full sentences. This should take about 10 minutes and you may work with a partner.

1. What is a QR Code?

2. What does 'QR' stand for?

3. How do QR Codes work?

4. What materials/items do you need to use QR Codes?

5. Go to  Find out how you can make your own QR Code, write down how to do it in dot point form.

6. Why do you think we use QR Codes?

7. What are QR Codes useful for?

Yiying Lu is a visual artist who has been using QR Codes in her work. The above watercolour painting is by her. Notice how she has camouflaged a QR Code beautifully into her work. Use the links below to see her work using QR Codes.
Watch the video to see how she works.

After browsing through the images of Yiying Lu's work and considering some of the other images you have looked at answer the following questions. This should take 15 minutes and again, you may work with a partner.

1. Why do you think artists would want to use QR Codes in their work?

2. In what ways do you think artists could use QR Codes in art and advertising?

3. What frame is Yiying Lu's artworks in and why? (subjective, cultural, postmodern or structural)

Next move on to step 2 to begin making your own QR Code!

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