You should already have a basic understanding of what QR Codes do and how to make them after checking out the QR Hacker website.

The first thing you need to do is choose a celebrity you would like to use for your artwork.
Go to google images and search for a suitable portrait of that person. You will need to make sure the image size is big enough to work with. Here is how:

Tips for selecting an image:
Choose one that is contrasty and well lit.
Choose one that is simple without a busy background - just a head and shoulders shot is perfect.
Don't choose a photo with other people in it.

I chose this one of Lana Del Rey. Notice how it has contrast, she is by herself, the background is simple. Your chosen image may be colour or black and white - we will convert it to black and white later.

You need to find a website your QR Code will link to. This may be an official website, a blog or perhaps a music video on Youtube. It is up to you but must be related to your chosen celebrity.

Keep the website open in your browser.

In a new tab or window go to

Copy the URL of your chosen website into the form on the qrhacker website as shown in the image below:

Click 'Generate'. Your code will appear. This website allows you to change the colours of your QR Code. For your task you will only need it to be black, but play around with this feature to experiment if you wish.

Save your code to your computer. It is also a good idea to back it up by saving it to a USB too.

You now have a working QR Code that will link up to your chosen website! Give yourself a pat on the back and take a little break. That concludes todays lesson. Next lesson click on Step 3 in the side menu so we can start creating our artwork.

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