Your Task is to create a digital artwork using QR Codes in Photoshop.
Your artwork will be a portrait of a celebrity - an actor, musician, model etc (your choice). It will resemble that person and you will have at least 1 QR code that actually works. When scanned, it will take you to a webpage about that celebrity. This is an individual task. Everyone must complete their own digital artwork.

I am going to help you through the making process step by step. Simply follow the steps in order on the menu to the right.

Have a look at the images below for inspiration! Click on the images to find out where they are from and who made them.

These next 2 are by me!
I made these using a QR Code brush in Photoshop. I used different styles to get definition of features. For dark areas I used code that was tight and busy, for lighter areas I used code that was more spaced out. Don't worry I'll show you everything you need to know to make one like this!

NEXT click on Step 1 in the menu to the right.

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