Below is the digital artwork I have created. I took inspiration from Yiying Lu's 'Meets Obsession Fashion Illustration' which you would have looked at when doing your case study. I have only converted the hair into QR Code and left the rest in black and white. If you scan the code in her hair it will take you to Lana Del Rey's official website. The video below shows you how I created this image. You may choose to only convert a section of the the portrait or you may wish to do more areas in different textures.

Watch the video clip to see how to edit your image. Pause the video after each step and complete the action on your own image in photoshop. Rewind if you need to see the step again. Don't rush! I am giving you a few classes to complete this task.

Firstly we will need to prepare our image for converting to QR Coding.

Open up your image in Photoshop.

Convert to black and white.

Adjust the contrast using Levels - the more contrast the easier it will be to work with.

Save your work!

Save as a jpeg and give it a different name so it does not replace the original.


With your image open in Photoshop we can begin transforming it into a QR Code artwork. Continue following all the steps in the video clip.

After watching each step, pause and apply the same steps to your own image in Photoshop. If you get stuck rewind the clip and watch again.

Good luck and I will see you next class to help with anything you need.

Watch it in full screen to see all the editing properly.

YAY you are complete! Well done, I can't wait to get back to see your work :D

If you are all finished and have some time to kill.. check out this short clip where QR Codes have been used for art:

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